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Anglin Residence

The Anglin family hired us to redesign their existing home.  They had the ability to go and purchase a new home, but their existing home had too many memories and sentimental value to just up and leave it.  So we sat down with them and were able to capture their dream home and turned it into their reality.  We added on another 1500 s.f., a covered car area, a 2 car garage, changed all the exterior veneer, all the interior finishes, and an interior concrete tornado shelter.  The Anglin's were very pleased with the finished design and have recommended clients to us.

Residential Projects

Daniel Residence

John wanted to build a home that was different than everyone else.  He had looked through all of the stock plans with the local residential design firms and felt like they all looked the same.  John hired us to design a custom house.  Something a little different than what everyone else was doing. We were able to take all of John's ideas and capture them in a cool 4,000 s.f. 2 Story design. The exterior finishes are different than what we designed, but the house still turned out nice.  So nice John hired us again to design his parents home.

Daniel Residence 2

John was impressed with the design we gave him for his first house.  So impressed he asked us to design his parents home.  Here again, he wanted something different.  He wanted a house that was different and had different types of exterior materials.  We had fun with the house and captured all of his ideas in a 3,300 s.f. space.  This house has an exterior combination of brick, and stucco, and 10-foot ceilings in the interior.  We added an upstairs bonus room for grandkids to play in.

Fuller Residence

Fuller couple hired us to design a rustic/farmhouse home that would fit their needs as they transitioned from working into retirement.  They wanted to sell their home in the urban area and build a metal building home in a rural area close to their grandchildren.  We were able to capture the ideas in a nice 2400 s.f. design complete with a concrete tornado shelter and a 2 car garage.


The Fuller's were so pleased with our work they referred a nice young couple to us to design a similar type house in the same town.

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